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Date packing color mother         

Date packing color mother:

    US collects high The special configuration uses in the polyolefine polymer the color mother grain (color parent material), including high density, low density and linear low density polyethylene(PE)And polypropylene(PP). These materials use in the injection molding, the blow molding formation, the thin film extrusion and other plastic craft. The technology has implemented the extremely high color content and the outstanding dispersion, may issues the most superior performance in the low amount of use and the low cost. You can think any color, nearly may provide has custom-made the parent material. We also provide the black, the white and the standard color, as well as fusion pigment and high performance chemical additive combination mother grain. 

    Provides uses in Japan the profession the packing color mother grain. Besides these applications, in the packing, the automobile and lives at the thing profession, as well as textile fiber, textile and rug's industry other application aspect, manufacturer trust under global goods supply ability and local support,US collects highMay provide the beautiful consistent color.

    US collects highColor mother grain of unusual effect,Releases unceasingly has both visual and sense of touch effect each product, helps the brand business promotes the consumer attraction on the product and the packing. May provide each kind of color and the effect.


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