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Pearlescent pigment

Pigment principle
  The pearlescent pigment is makes based on the pearl principle, natural or the artificial cultivation's pearl is the laminated structure, wraps the bead nucleus by the calcium carbonate level and the protein level to form alternately.
The light direction of fire pearl, carries on the reflection and the refraction in the calcium carbonate level and the protein level, but also some part of light penetration pearl, has had the similar rainbow color like this.


The pearlescent pigment is the mineral pigment, it is take the small mica chip as the parent metal, besides the gable has the high refractive index metal oxide compound, for example: TiO2 ZrO2And so on, different may obtain the different interference colors along with the inhibiter thickness.

On mica sheet gable other metal oxide compound, if the trioxide two chromium or the ferric oxide, may produce the bright metallic color. Attractive golden yellow is TiO2With Fe2O3 synchronization mix gable result.

The high refractive index's metal oxide compound, the low refractive index's mica chip and the low refractive index's peripheral medium parallel permutation, produces the visual rainbow pigment color.

  The pearlescent pigment is outside the natural mica flake the duplicate titanium dioxide, the ferric oxide composition clamps the core type lamellar crystal. The dependence to the light refraction, the transmission creates the appearance and the gloss. Can entrust with the top coat, the plastic products by the deep sense of depth and the special gloss feeling, can reappear the graceful gloss and the color which the nature pearl, the shell, the butterfly, You Yu and the metal have, it non-toxic, thermostable, the fast light according to, bears the acid and alkali, does not change color, does not migrate, not the electric conduction. US collects high pearlescent pigment's these merits to cause it to become the present age most has the characteristic and the future the new pearlescent pigment.

Pearlescent pigment's identity:

The heavy metal content is consistent with French and the Italian standard:

Product application


1 ) coating industry

  US collects the high pearlescent pigment nature to be stable, the dispersivity is good, causes it to be suitable nearly for all coating system,If solvent,River character,Powder,The ultraviolet ray solidifies coating systems and so on /UV. Is the same with the common coating production, so long as adds right amount US to collect the high pearlescent pigment in each coating transparent parent metal, then obtains the pearly luster coating, US collects the high pearlescent pigment acid resistance to be good, is suitable for the water paint, bears the sulfide, meets the sulfide, will not have the discoloration phenomenon, and US will collect the high pearlescent pigment not to have the electric conduction identity, most will suit the static electricity painting the processing. Uses in making: Metal bottom product and so on material coating, automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, train, ships, metal container, computer table coatings; Construction coating; Wooden article coating; Plastic bottom material coating, like handset, plastic daily necessities, plastic electronic products, plastic toy, stationery and so on; Leather coating; Paper coating; Products and so on textile coating.
2 ) plastics industry
  US Collects highThe pearlescent pigment is suitable nearly for all thermosettingness and the thermoplastic. Because US collects the high pearlescent pigment's chemical property to be very stable, will not change color in the resin treatment process, also will not separate out, the ultra frost and the melting in the resin system. Moreover the pearlescent pigment is the non-metallic pigment, not with the resin in the residual free acid, the alkali and the resin lively gene has the chemical reaction, also does not help the agent with the plastic to have the reaction, the security may guarantee. Therefore, US collects the high pearlescent pigment's to be very broad in plastics industry application. For example, uses in the high-end cosmetics and the drugs packing pearly luster plastic bottle, the box; Uses in the high-quality candy, the ice cream packing pearly luster plastic film; Pearly luster daily necessities and handicraft and so on plastic sandals, button, child toy, cup, disk, trough, barrel, bathroom part; Each kind of electrical appliances and computer outer covering; Pearly luster plastic construction finishing materials and so on, receives the general consumer's affections and welcome more and more.

Material selection: 
  Because the pearlescent pigment itself assumes translucently, and needs to depend upon the external light reflection to be able to achieve the good pearly luster effect, therefore when selects the plastic, should as far as possible use the transparency quite good material. The following plastic is quite commonly used, their common ground is transparent, after joining the pearlescent pigment, the light may arrive at the pearlescent pigment chip surface through the surface layer revertex to create the reflection and the refraction. Polyethylene class HDPE
, LDPEPolypropylene class PPModified polyethylene class EVA
Acrylic acid ester PMMA saturated polyester class PET polycarbonate class PC polyvinyl-chloride class PVC saturated polyester class AK epoxy resin class EP the polyurethanes PU transparency low or not transparent plastic like GPPS, HIPS, ABS and so on, the pearly luster effect is not obvious, but this did not mean these plastics cannot use the pearlescent pigment, but pearlescent pigment's dosage is quite big. The suitable processing method has squeezes out, the injection, the blow molding, attracts models and so on.

Processing notice:
1 when matches colors the use with the conventional face/dye, uses the transparent good convention face/dye elected.
2 plastic resin's transparency is friends with;. Regarding not the transparent plastic, we recommended that uses the superficial spray coating the method to create the pearly luster effect. Quite will like this be cheap, and the effect will be better.
3. interdicts to use the strong cover pigment, like titanium dioxide, ferric oxide, chrome green and so on (carbon black exception).
4. avoids using the high shearing force the scattered mode, prevents the effect pigment's sheet structure to destroy, thus affects the good color and the gloss effect.

3 ) cosmetics industry
  US collects the high pearlescent pigment to use the natural mica to make, thermostable, does not contain the toxin. Conforms to international food and the drugs conservancy of sanitation rule completely (FDA), is harmless to the human body, does not injury the skin, the eye. The color multiplication, matches colors conveniently, may use in producing the lipstick, the eye shadow, the base, the liquid eye-liner, the eyebrow pencil, the cuticle cream, the opaline, the eruption agent and so on different cosmetics.

Pearlescent pigment (Cosmetics)Standard

4) printing ink printing trade
  The pearlescent pigment and the common pigment are the same, widely uses in each kind of printing ink, when joins them each kind of printing ink system, when like silk India, concave India, printing ink and so on supple in version, has formed the pearly luster printing ink. When it prints when each kind accepts for printing the surface, can give the human by the extremely high gloss feeling.
Regarding different printing mode, besides appearance selection, but must make the selection to the different particle size, US collects high pearlescent pigment's each kind of appearance to have the different particle size, may depend on the printing method, suitable selection. Usually the pearly luster printing ink widely uses in the packing box, the magazine, the textile, the advertisement, the wallpaper, the label, packing things and so on above packing container, for its addition graceful pearly luster luster.


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