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Light diffusion color mother

Light diffusion Color mother:

  The light diffusion agent is one high performance the non-inorganic category of light diffusion powder/Color motherHas a better transmittance compared to the inorganic category. May add to PP, PC PS PMMA PET , epoxy resin and so on transparent resin as well as LED, May add the light the scattering and the transmission function, blocks from the illumination source as well as dazzling photo source at the same time, can also cause the entire film to disseminate gently, the lofty light, achieves the diaphanous not transparent comfortable effect. Applies in the LED illumination resin, the electronic display sign, the nixietube, the lattice, the chimney, the lamphouse advertisement version, the illumination character, the cosmetics and so on.

Light diffusion agent Product performance:
Light diffusion agent Has in the revertex to have the extremely good transmittance.
Light diffusion agent Easy to disperse in the revertex.
Light diffusion agent Enhances the good mechanical strength for the revertex.
Light diffusion agent Enhances the good skin hardness for the revertex.
Light diffusion agent Has narrowly, the even grain-size distribution.

Light diffusion agent Technical parameter:
   Outward appearance: White powder
   Density: 1.31g/ml
   Average grain diameter: 1~3um
   Refractive index: 1.56
   Decomposition temperature: 310
   Water content: ≤2%

Light diffusion agent Dosage: Product thickness is 3mm, the recruitment is 2 approximately~4%

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