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The specialized supply antioxidant 168/antioxidant 1010, I take charge of am branch Ryan, the ciba limited, Basifu, the DIC chemical industry, the great date purification, American is high, card Baud, German Baier (bright abundant), the beautiful advantage unites dealer, also sells domestically produced the fluorescence, transparent, oil-soluble dye, organic pigment.

In addition has each kind of silver white bead burnishing powder, colored, the imaginary color bead burnishing powder, the group blue 08, group blue 06, ultramarine violet 12, proliferation oils (the Japanese Mitsubishi, the Japanese Toshiba, the German national prestige triumphant), the titanium oxide powder (the RCL69 titanium oxide powder, the TC30 titanium oxide powder, the FC5 titanium oxide powder), the brightening agent (OB-1, OB1, 127#, KSN, KS-N, KCB) EBS disperses the powder, the EB-FF proliferation powder, EB-38 products and so on proliferation powder, anti-ultraviolet ray agent, antioxidant. Company product already through authority organization “SGS” “ROHS” the examination, the company uses modernized the control model, advanced computer test method, by high quality product quality, consummation post-sale service.

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