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Is different in the traditional soft polyvinyl-chloride, the BIO formula use extracting arrogant bean biological form plasticizer, non-toxic environmental protection. This formula tallies possesses about the titanate limiting condition, including the California 65 proposals and consumable secure improvement law. This formula already displayed in very many applications is different with the traditional soft polyvinyl-chloride processing craft, and does not harm the product performance. Uses BIO to be helpful in enhances the brand good faith, reduces the production cost, adds the market share.


 Luminescent spot


 Biological form


 reFlex™ in the biological form elasticizer formula includes at least 25% biological form renewable.


 Non-toxic environmental protection


 Conforms to the consumable secure improvement law and the California 65 proposals.


 The economy is valid


 This non-toxic environmental protection's formula compares the production cost with other substitutes to be lower.


 Tough enhancement


 Compares with the titanate formula, this formula's tensile strength, the peel strength and the elongation ratio are higher.


 Produces in a friendly way


 Same or is better with the titanate formula craft

 Product range Transparency Degree of hardness Proportion
 BIO RA7000 Transparent 61A/15 1.17
 BIO RA9000 Transparent 85A/15 1.24
 BIO RB7000 It is not transparent 63A/15 1.27
 BIO RB9000 It is not transparent 86A15 1.35
 BIO RC7000 It is not transparent 64A/15 1.37
 BIO RC9000 It is not transparent 86A/15 1.45
 BIO RD7000 It is not transparent 66A/15 1.46
 BIO RD9000 It is not transparent 86A/15 1.56

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