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Blow molding formation packing

Profession and so on food, drink, personal nursing goods, common packing goods, petroleum, chemical, wax, flammable liquid, fat hydrocarbon creativity marketing business because of each kind of reason, have selected the blow molding formation packing ethenyl solution. These ethenyl wrapper under the ultraviolet ray protection like the glass sparkle, the clarity is also very high, in addition also at held in the excellent shocking situation has presented the infinite design potential.


 Luminescent spot


 The blow molding formation ethenyl packing's characteristic and the superiority include:

  •  The ethenyl may loop every day the restoration, is the environmental protection product first choice.
  •  This kind of food grade product obtains American food and the medicine administrative bureau authorizes, for many years in food application continuously safety handling.
  •  The impulse formula may satisfy from low to high the specific application requirement.
  •  To very many solvents, the acid, the matrix and the oil quality have the chemoresistance
  •  Transparent packing

 The melting identity is extremely good, may use the low cost job tool to produce the following product packaging:

  •  Hand appliance
  •  Great size bulk product
  •  Wide ellipse object
  •  Small volume goods unique shape
 Product range Description Blow molding craft Shocking Using Food grade *
 Geon multi-purpose compound  
 2188GC FDA, glass transparent, low smell Extrusion High Specific type food uses the packing *
 2188GC-3V FDA, glass transparent, good ultraviolet transparency Extrusion Medium Toilet accessories, cosmetics, other light sensitive product *
 2190 FDA, high anti-shocking Extrusion Very high Big bottle *
 M2110 FDA, standard outward appearance Extrusion Medium Wide port solid stuff *
 2192 FDA, the glass is transparent Extrusion Medium Solid stuff  
 161J-1 Transparent, micro blue Extrusion High Shampoo, detergent, disinfectant, cleaning liquid, ethyl alcohol, bleaching agent and liquid floor wax  
 161J-1 The glass is transparent Extrusion High Shampoo, detergent, disinfectant, cleaning liquid, ethyl alcohol, bleaching agent and liquid floor wax  
 Geon specialized blend  
 2190 FDA, transparent Extrusion Very high The requirement has the high anti-depreciation impact bottle *
 161JA It is not transparent, white Extrusion High The automobile chemical additive, bakes the coal special-purpose ignition fluid  
 2188 FDA, transparent Extrusion High Low smell food and cosmetics *
 2797 Transparent, bears the chemical properties, the low fat whitening Extrusion Medium General cleanser, limonene cleanser, disinfectant, detergent, ethyl alcohol  
 VB 9-51 FDA, transparent, amber brown Extrusion Medium Coffee cream, suntan oil *
 2710 amber browns Transparent, amber brown Injection molding Medium Protects sends the product  
 2710 transparent Transparent, clear Injection molding Medium Cosmetics, hair care article  
 M2715 Hoar frost outward appearance Injection molding Medium Cosmetics, hair care article  
 XPL 293 Frost FDA, hoar frost outward appearance Extrusion Medium Cosmetics, hair care article *
 Scavenging agent and chemical additive  
 OxyPurge It is not transparent cleans the compound Extrusion Standard Clean small carbon stack, computer engine off, blow molding extruding machine product change *
 Transparent OxyPurge Transparent clean compound Extrusion Standard Clean stack, product conversion *
 UV Sorb-1 Transparent UV Extrusion High Requirement highly regrinding FDA and GP application. When uses in the food grade applies RB-FG, please do consult Pu to stand ten thousand. *

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