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COLORANT CHROMATICS™ electric conduction formula

To the classical diffusion and in the controllable conductivity requirement high application, the Colorant Chromatics™ functionality compound may satisfy the high temperature application requirement, for example petroleum and in chemical process industry electric wire, electric cable and injection molding. The controllable diffusion and the high grade carbon black material can help you obtain the optimum performance in the high temperature extrusion and the formation process. The use processing helps the agent to be possible to improve the surface smooth finish, the expanded heating processing window, eliminates the drainage opening, enhances the line speed. Please relate with our experienced technical expert, obtains you to apply needs the plan. We may cooperate with you, making exclusive has custom-made the formula, or provides the ready-made solution, helps you to enter the market fast. We have the size batch static discharge and the semiconductor formula, may simultaneously support processes and monopolizes the application large capacity the small-scale production.

 May use in the following resin:

    •  The tetrachloroethylene, the ethylene - three fluorine chloroethylene copolymer, the fluorizating second grade propylene, the entire fluorine alkoxyl alkane, the entire fluorizating polymer, the leaning vinyl fluoride copolymer, the polyether ether alkone, the polyether imide, the polyether sulphone, gather the sulphone, gather the Asian benzyl sulphone, gather the leaning vinyl fluoride

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