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COLORMATRIX™ APOGEE™ thermoplastic vitrification temperature improvement agent

Apogee™ the vitrification temperature improvement agent is one kind is suitable for the thermoplastic (including polypropylene), polyethylene (PE) and the polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) multi-purpose chemical additives, may through reduce the polymer vitrification temperature (Tg) to reduce the melt flow viscosity. After Tg reduces, may reduce the craft temperature, the cycle time, the improvement size stability and the melt flow. In addition, the Apogee chemical additive may also help to break the streamline flow, then greatest degree reduction hole and hollow, improves part's artistry.


 Highly effective solution




 The Apogee vitrification temperature improvement agent may help to add the industry and commerce to implement the thermal reduction cycle through the reduction which the suitable melt flow needs. In pattern making process thermal reduction, also meant shorter cooling and cycle. At the same time, the quantity of heat reduces may also enhance the product size the stability.






 The Apogee chemical additive is not only one kind of nucleator. It may also provide the following superiority:

  •  Improves the cast part's size stability
  •  Through enhancement application in flow rate reduction cycle
  •  Reduces the craft temperature, saves the energy
  •  The regulating process is more flexible

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