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COLORMATRIX™ LACTRA™ SX PET uses the shade chemical additive

ColorMatrix Lactra provides which by the solid parent material form the SX shade chemical additive joins in the single-layer PET bottle, provides the high performance shade technology, safeguards the liquid dairy products. This chemical additive is suitable antiseptically especially for the packing superhigh temperature (UHT) the liquid dairy products product, because this category of product guarantees the nature time to be longer, meant easier to come under the light induced oxidation influence which the exterior storage condition creates. The superhigh temperature antiseptic dairy products need the special packing to consider that provides the long time exterior to guarantee the nature time, ColorMatrix™ Lactra™ the SX shade chemical additive can provide the high performance the shade product.


 Luminescent spot



  •  Design for the shelf effect and the variation
  •  The jar weight is light
  •  Is lower than other hard packing system cost
  •  Lactra™ the SX chemical additive conforms to European Union and the FDA food contact laws and regulations; If has the need, may provide the integrated laws and regulations detail



 Technical benefit



  •  Single-layer 100% shades
  •  The system cost is lower
  •  Shape variation
  •  Easy to fall
  •  After the opening, may seal
  •  After the opening, may set level the storage
  •  Light PET bottle's opportunity

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