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COLORMATRIX™ ULTIMATE™ PET ultraviolet antidazzling device

Drinks the cooking wine water, the seasoning, personal nursing and the family thing needs to safeguard correctly, avoids the ultraviolet ray jeopardy. The ultraviolet ray may cause the drink and personal nursing product discoloration, can the initiated oxidation react with the Vitamin union, causes the flavor and the smell change. ColorMatrix™ Ultimate™ the ultraviolet ray barrier may prevent the ultraviolet ray transmission validly, in the storage, the transportation and the retail sales link safeguarding product and the brand credit is not harmed.


 Luminescent spot




 Vessel lightweight and recycle

  •  ColorMatrix™ Ultimate™The ultraviolet ray will not affect the PET vessel clarity
  •  Even if may also guarantee the product in the lightweight vessel the integrity, and the vessel may recycle the use completely
  •  This is the present only one kind can use in PET the ultraviolet ray barrier chemical additive, obtained the plastic recycling association and the European PET bottle platform authorization, will not have any side effect to the circulation flow
 Product range Description Attribute
 ColorMatrix™ Ultimate 390 The permission is lower than 10% ultraviolet optical transmissions, the precision reaches 390nm May unify with the liquid coloring agent, implements reaches 575nm the safeguarding.
 ColorMatrix™ Ultimate 370 The permission is lower than 10% ultraviolet optical transmissions, the precision reaches 370nm Altitude measurement precision

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