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CPVC injection pattern making

You need one kind to be possible to prevent high temperature and the corrosive chemical ethenyl material? Uses in injecting the pattern making CPVC is many kinds of industrial application ideal selection - - like pipeline, the pipeline fitting, the swimming pool and the hot spring bathing place. This economical valid formula has the high fever distortion temperature, bears the chemical properties, the flame retardance, and lives the smoke to be low. Selects the appropriate chemical additive then to optimize the main performance attribute, satisfies the specific supervision and the performance requirement.


 Luminescent spot

  •  The thermal deformation temperature may reach as high as 225°F (107°C)
  •  Compares with PVC, the flame retardance and bears the chemical properties to have the improvement
  •  Is lower than the PVC fresh smoke volume
  •  Speaking of the metal is the excellent anti-corrosive selection
 Product range Using Formation Processing method Important attribute
 MC100 Fitting Sheeting Formation Hot water fitting and valve
 MC280 Fitting Sheeting Formation Industry pipeline fitting and valve

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