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CPVC expanded the ethenyl essential attribute, if the intrinsic flame retardance and bears the chemical properties, and lives lowly these attributes and the high temperature performance the smoke volume union, works out one kind of unique project solution for very many industrial applications. This formula combination may satisfy from the traditional hot water pipeline, the fitting to semiconductor production and domain and so on aviation kneading board specialized plate many kinds of performance and the supervision requirement, and may replace a higher cost the engineering polymers or the metal.


 Luminescent spot

  •  The thermal deformation temperature may reach as high as 230°F (110°C)
  •  Compares with PVC, the flame retardance and bears the chemical properties to have the improvement
  •  Is lower than the PVC fresh smoke volume
  •  Speaking of the metal is the excellent anti-corrosive selection
 Product range Using Formation Processing method Important attribute HDT (F°)
 EC520 Facade foundation plate Powder Extrusion  
 EC900 CTS hot water pipe Powder Extrusion NSF 14 and 61 229
 EC950 IPS tube Powder Extrusion NSF 14 and 61 230
 EE105 Electric conduit Powder Extrusion UL RTI 221°F (105°C) 221
 LC510 Window part Sheeting Extrusion  
 MC100 CTS hot water fitting Sheeting Formation NSV 14 and 61 217
 MC280 IPS fitting and valve Sheeting Formation NSV 14 and 61 214

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