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DYNALLOY™ thermosplastic elastomer

Dynalloy™ the thermosplastic elastomer is authorized INFUSE™ the alkene block copolymer based on Tao the chemistry company (OBC) the technology. The Dynalloy rank has provided the broad standard to the client and has custom-made the TPE material to use in various application. These special TPE material has rubber class nontacky to feel that and has the luminous surface treatment. The Dynalloy technology also has the outstanding flow quality, therefore these TPE material can cast in the mold, this speaking of other TPE material is too complex.


 Luminescent spot

  •  Unique feeling
  •  Outstanding tinctorial power
  •  Superior flow quality
  •  Easy to process, has the fast setting rate
 Product range Description Identity Identity
 Dynalloy OBC 8000 series Adherency in polypropylene Enhancement current capacity Outstanding coloration
 Dynalloy OBC 8200 Translucent, uses in the blow molding application Ball sex appeal Outstanding coloration
 Dynalloy OBC 8900 series The adherency in the low density polyethylene and the polypropylene, has the valid cycle time Flexibility May color

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