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Dry blending

The ethylene skeleton mixture provides the powder solution for the molding and the plate manufacturer, may guarantee the performance, the quality and the value. Compares with competitor's material, uses this material you to be possible to improve the product performance, reduces the production cost, consumable safeguarding and the scene breakdown risk.


 Luminescent spot



  •  The outdoor gradation only then anti-unaccelerated aging, has many year efflorescence data is an evidence
  •  The indoor level has the fire resistance, bears the chemical properties and the indoor anti-ultraviolet ray, meanwhile obtains the US National Science Foundation and the American Underwriter Laboratory authorization.
  •  The wood models the compound materials to be possible to add the lumber or other natural fiber
  •  The clean - - in the production run time interval or the engine off time interval may the valid clean extruder
 Product Using Glossiness rank Outward appearance performance Fast fuse technology Important attribute
 E1354 Pipeline High Otherwise Otherwise  
 E1500 Facade/railing foundation plate Medium Otherwise Otherwise  
 E1540 Standard cover High Yes Otherwise  
 E3360A Window molding Medium Yes Yes  
 E6950 General target Medium Otherwise Otherwise  
 E7310 Window molding Medium Yes Yes Good paint adhesion
 E7364 Window molding Medium Yes Otherwise  
 E7370 Window molding Low Yes Otherwise  
 E7455 Window molding High Yes Otherwise  
 E7456 Window molding Medium Yes Otherwise Wider palette
 E7755 Sheet material High Yes Otherwise  

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