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EDGETEK™ AM non-halogen burning inhibiter formula

Edgetek™ AM is a category of being flame-resistant, does not have the halogen, half fragrant igamide material. It gathers the amide material with the tradition to be different, it has a higher mechanical strength and the special thermal resistance. These low cost engineerig material solution was already developed uses in the power source control, the automobile electron and the consumable profession and so on wide realm electronic electricity high-end application. Edgetek AM has solved the traditional project thermoplastic and between other high performance special thermoplastic like PPA, PPS, PSU, PES and PEI between the cost/performance contradiction.

 Luminescent spot


  •  Outstanding intensity and toughness
  •  Reduces the bending the spatial stability
  •  Thermostable: Melting point (310°C)
  •  Ignitability (UL94-V0/0.8mm)
  •  Burns the hot filament performance (IEC 606095-2-12/-13): GWFI 960
  •  Good electrical attribute: Relative electricity mark index (IEC 60112) 600V
  •  Even if also has the good pigmenting property under the shallow tone
  •  Easy to process
  •  From extinguishes the performance
  •  Under high temperature anticreep
  •  Machinery and electrical specification
  •  Is in the multi-cavity mold the thin wall components ideal selection
  •  The non-halogen formula causes the product the production to be low to the environmental effect

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