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EDGETEK™AT aldohyde acetal (metaformaldehyde) formula

Edgetek™ at product family was a series of packing, has not padded and the impact rank acetal (POM) the compound. Used POM with to gather the thing or the copolymer has provided the wide range physical property as the substrate resin material, and carried on usually in the certain essential performance question very important situation designates. Edgetek at compound may color ahead of time or may also color in the production process, may use such as US to collect a high OnColor™ concentrated solution color mother grain and so on concentrated solution.

 Luminescent spot


  •  Even if under hypothermia, also has the outstanding degree of hardness/toughness
  •  Very good endurance
  •  In the moving part the low friction wears reduces the scene breakdown
  •  The low water absorbability causes it to become in the moist conditions to meet the strict common difference requirements the ideal selection.
  •  Very good spatial stability
  •  Outstanding bears chemistry corrosiveness
  •  Expensive metal parts low cost selection.

 Other superiority:

  •  Very good anticreep
  •  Good electrical specification
  •  Easy or squeezes out through the injection molding carries on processing

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