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Edgetek™ PK (polyether ether alkone) the PEEK formula is in the industrial field has one of highest performance thermosplastic engineering plastics. Except the superior mechanical property, it 250°C (480°F) can also provide robustness under the extremely high temperature, but will not lose any physical property. PEEK is including the fluorine polymer good high strength selection, specially in a stricter conditions.


 Luminescent spot



  •  High mechanical property
  •  Good bears the radiation, bears the chemical, the wear-resisting performance
  •  Low friction coefficient
  •  Extremely low water absorbability
  •  Outstanding bears weary, the compression resistance dehiscence, the oxidation resistance and the acid resistance
  •  Thermostability, extremely good physical characteristics
  •  Outstanding against ultraviolet performance, high-purity, low weight

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