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EDGETEK™ propylene nitrile, phosphinylidyne choline, phosphinylidyne choline/propylene nitrile formula

Edgetek™™ABS, PC as well as the PC/ABS product family provided has borne the impact, mobile and the thermostable aspect balanced identity. It is one versatile product line, to wide range's chemical additive, the intensifier and the coloring agent has the compatibility. Edgetek has provided the good attribute balance, it suited and already widely used in a series of industries and the application.

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  •  The structure enlargement mode compound, enhances the intensity, the spatial stability, tough and withstanding load capacity enormously using the glass or the carbon fiber.
  •  High temperature compound, based on amorphous and half crystal shape resin, when temperature increment can hold its physical property and the spatial stability.
  •  The being flame-resistant compound, provides the UL certification and the compliance, simultaneously maintains the foundation engineering resin the performance
  •  Compares reduces obviously in the mechanical job cost
  •  The weight reduces, elastic design as well as part consolidating
  •  Including transportation, industry, family, health nursing, telecommunication, electronic electricity and so on each category of profession application ideal selection

 Extra message:

  •  Mixed the enhancement chemical additive to carry on the modification and to expand the substrate resin performance
  •  The carbon fiber has promoted the compound physical property and has simultaneously provided the electrical conductivity and EMI/the RFI shield identity
  •  The glass fiber improved the intensity, the rigidity, the anticreep, the spatial stability, toughness, the thermal deformation, degree of hardness and the electric insulation identity
  •  The glass micro bead improved the superficial appearance, the spatial stability, the electric insulation, degree of hardness and reduces curving

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