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Whether you are searching high quality durable and the economical highly effective elastic performance? Regardless of elastic ethenyl formula in the injection molding or pushes models is the ideal selection. These materials may use in the non-toxic environmental protection, and CPSIA- gathers the gauge formula, the hardness range is 55A/15 arrives at 40D/15, the proportion is 1.10 g/cc to 1.50 g/cc, the operating temperature for - 50°C to 90°C.


 Luminescent spot


 The elastic ethenyl formula may have custom-made uses in the following application:

  •  Electric wire electric cable
  •  Medical product
  •  Coating and bond
  •  Hose and rubber pipe
  •  Back wall system
  •  Food packing
  •  Furniture
  •  Filling piece and weather strip

 The principal characteristic includes:

  •  The hardness range is big
  •  High gloss, low gloss and non-finish plate
  •  Fireproof
  •  Low temperature toughness
  •  Bears the chemical properties
  •  Transparent or not transparent outward appearance
  •  May recycle the use
  •  Many kinds of chemical additive package of selection
  •  Easy to color
  •  The product conforms to many kinds of laws and regulations and the supervision requirement
  •  Provides the weathering resistance model
 Product Instantaneous sclerometer Proportion Adding quantity Gloss
 A7000 70A 1.17 Does not have High
 B5500 55A 1.22 Low Medium
 B6000 60A 1.22 Low Medium
 B6500 65A 1.24 Low Medium
 B6D00 69D 1.41 Low Medium
 B7500 75A 1.27 Low Medium
 B8500 85A 1.32 Low Medium
 BP7500 75A 1.32 Low Medium
 BP80U0 80A 1.23 Low High
 BP90UB 91A 1.36 Low Medium
 C5D00 50D 1.48 High Medium
 eon C6500 65A 1.34 Medium Medium
 C7000 70A 1.39 Medium Medium
 C7500 75A 1.37 Medium Low
 C8000 80A 1.4 Medium Medium
 C9000 90A 1.45 Medium Medium
 D6500 66A 1.49 High Low
 D7500 75A 1.48 High Low
 D8000 80A 1.48 High Low

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