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Electric wire electric cable product

The electric wire electric cable ethenyl material may use in the standard having custom-made the formula, is suitable in squeezes out with the compression molding application, may obtain the support service in the whole world. Our elasticity applies long-tested, brings the profit for very many applications, like cable TV cable tube, hypothermia, fireproof armor power cable. Our business scope is broad, may provide tallies limits for you uses the deleterious substance in the electronic electricity product the instruction, the beautiful underwriter laboratory or the Canadian Standard Association listing requirement product. Speaking of must satisfy the strictest international supervision standard the application, the non-toxic environmental protection product is the good selection.


 Luminescent spot


 The ethenyl electric wire electric cable formula may use in nearly all Bao Ke and the main insulation material application, including:

  •  Telecommunication
  •  Power source and control cable
  •  Structural purpose electric wire
  •  Fiberoptics
  •  Device and line set
  •  Gasifies turbo-charged

 We may cooperate the development to be suitable for the newest application specialized formula. Stabilizes from the non-heavy metal to the foaming technology and is situated between both's technology, we have walked in the innovation front.

 Grouping Recommendation application Enhancement performance UL temperature rated range (℃)
 Telecommunication Sets up the pipe support, the optical fiber shock layer, the CATV protective covering Processing speed, anti-ultraviolet ray, toughness 60-105
 Power source and check Insulation, tray type electric cable, drive pipe, protective covering Oil resistant, toughness, bears the ultraviolet ray 60-105
 CATV Indoor/outdoor protective covering Hypothermia performance 75
 Structural purpose electric wire Protective covering, insulation, optical fiber The CAS/UL authorization, bears the high hypothermia 90-105
 Gasifies turbo-charged Protective covering The rating uses in the turbo-charged application 75
 Instrument and wiring The plug, the cord/insulate with the protective covering UL 94 V-0 yellow cards, bear the high hypothermia 60-105

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