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Ethenyl powder coating formula

US collects Gao Kewei all consumable market provides the diverse ethenyl powder production line. These aerosol PVC resin dry mixture after the elastic plasticizing, and joins the chemical additive which the heat-stable agent, the light stabilizer, the pigment, the burning inhibiter, the foaming agent and other specific products need to carry on the strengthening. These powder formula may act according to the specific mixture to carry on under the room temperature sprays, the construction or liquefied processing. These formulas may with all color matching, according to the different craft and the performance requirement change, the volatility scope be 1% to 5%, the sclerometer scope is 60 Shore A to 75 Shore D. Pu sets up Wan Ke to have custom-made the product according to the formula, provides conforms to the terminal automobile, American food and the medicine administrative bureau, the beautiful underwriter laboratory, the American Experiment Material Academic society, the US National Science Foundation, the American Ministry of Agriculture for you, military, medical or the client special-purpose application requirement product.

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