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FIBERLOC™ glass compound materials

Fiberloc™ the glass compound materials have the intensity, the rigidity and the size stability and so on glass inherent ethenyl attributes. Compares with the traditional ethenyl formula, this compound materials intensity, the rigidity are higher, is stronger to the heat expansion and the hot contraction's resistivity. This compound materials have with the metal similar attribute, but has the superiority compared to the metal, like the weight light, the corrosion resistance and reinforces part's ability.


 Luminescent spot

  •  The patent chemistry coupling technology may produce the excellent textile fiber - polymer bond, the improvement typical ethenyl compound materials mechanical property
  •  The rigidity and the intensity are higher than the non-packing polymer obviously
  •  The size stability may compare favorably with in the cold/hot loop's application with the aluminum material
  •  The slow change and the fatigue resistance surpass owe carry in the application not to pad the polymer
  •  Holds the ethenyl flame retardance, bears the chemical properties and against ultraviolet ray's essential attribute
 Product range Glass content Outward appearance performance Proxy going on the market
 Fiberloc 80510 10% Otherwise UL94
 Fiberloc 80520 20% Otherwise UL94
 Fiberloc 80530 30% Otherwise UL94
 Fiberloc 81510 10% Otherwise UL94, NSF
 Fiberloc 81520 20% Otherwise UL94, NSF
 Fiberloc 81530 30% Otherwise UL94, NSF
 Fiberloc 83510 10% Yes UL94
 Fiberloc 83520 20% Yes UL94
 Fiberloc 83530 30% Yes UL94

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