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FIRECON™ chlorination polyethylene heat preservation shell formula

FireCon™CPE the formula has provided the outstanding physics and the electrical specification, is the minimum pressure power cable control cable's best selection. These packing's elastic thermoplastic CPE protective covering material provided the advanced thermosplasticity to the electric wire electric cable manufacturer to squeeze out the craft, and did not need on the continual curing (CV) device to carry on the investment.

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 FireCon the CPE electric wire and the cable sheath bond material provides the following attribute:

  •  Outstanding workability
  •  Outstanding hot attribute
  •  Outstanding being flame-resistant identity
  •  Oil resistance
  •  Is includes the house and the architecture, as well as nuclear power application and so on different profession application ideal selection
  •  Has satisfies strict UL 1581 FT4 requirements the rank to be possible to elect

 The product formula satisfies the following specification:

  •  The UL 13- power is limited the electric circuit electric circuit
  •  UL 34- thermosettingness insulated line and electric cable
  •  UL 62- flexible cord and electric cable
  •  The UL 1277- electric power and the check tray type electric cable, brings the optical cable part
  •  UL 2250- instrument disc type electric cable

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