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FLOORLITE™ durable plate

US collects the high production Floorlite™ is the lightweight elasticity thermosplastic polyolefine and the thermosplastic rubber durable board, extremely easy to heat up the formation, the superficial anti-dirt, may use in the automobile application.


 Luminescent spot



  •  Still might hold under the ultraviolet ray illumination color fastness: The Floorlite esthetic value conforms to the automobile color and the size stable standard.
  •       Bears the chemical properties to be high: The Floorlite elastic plate meets the automobile requirement, because may resist the surface layer to moisten the color, not, when clean and the automobile chemistry thing causes distortion.                                                            
  •  The hot formability is extremely good: The plate and the automobile floor outline perfect fitting, meets the automobile space stability requirement.                                                                                                                          
  •  Formula debugging: Elasticity, texture or size stability                                                                
  •  Standard size scope: Roll or plate (length scope)
  •  Waste material use factor and buy-back  
  •  Floorlite C & D follows the following original equipment manufacturer technical norms: Ford: WSB-M99D63-A2 and WSS-M99D63-A3, General Motors: GM2616M and GMW16803, Chrysler: MS-DC643, Toyota: TSL5704G-3, Nissan: NE7105    

 If the need, may from definition color matching

 Product range Description Identity
 Floorlite D Durable floor Outstanding durability, lightweight
 Floorlite C Durable floor Durability, lightweight
 Floorlite TPR-1 Rug, cargo liner Improvement hauling, low gloss

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