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Fluorescence brightening agent OB-1 KSN 127 OB

Fluorescence brightening agent OB-1 KSN 127 OB

   Fluorescence brightening agent OB-1 KSN 127 OB respective categories: The fluorescence brightening agent, the ABS fluorescence brightening agent, the PS fluorescence brightening agent, the HLPS fluorescence brightening agent, the PA fluorescence brightening agent, the PC fluorescence brightening agent, the PP fluorescence brightening agent, the EVA fluorescence brightening agent and make the PVC fluorescence brightening agent fluorescence brightening agent product characteristic hardly as a result of this product melting point for 351-358℃, may bear 375℃ the high temperature, is in all brightening agent commodity the thermal stability best, the especially qualify high MP plastic like polyester (PET), the heteropolarity fluorescence adds the white ability, good stable performance, with very many polymer compatibilities. The fluorescence brightening agent main application is the plastic valid fluorescence brightening agent, the broad application therefore very many plastic valid fluorescence brightening agent, widely applies in ABS, PS, HLPS, PA, PC, PP, EVA and makes plastics hardly and so on PVC. Usually is also used in the polyester fiber correction filament silk, the polypropylene fiber, the polyamide fiber textile fiber, in the nylon and the polyester will add add-on entered will obviously also enhance the albedo. In the recycling polyester fiber waste material, in after the bottle material and the slice joins, returns to the material to be able to appear whiter, will recycle the material the chromaticity will become differently whiter consistent.  Fluorescence brightening agent OB-1 detailed technical specification molecular weight: 414.4 content: >99.0% smell non-fusing temperature: 351-358℃ outward appearance: Huang Lvse crystallizes the powder biggest absorption spectrum wave length: 374nm biggest fluorescence emanation wave length: 434nm chemistry name: 2,3- pair (4,4- benzoin ethenyl) double benzene and wicked zuo molecular formula: C28H18N2O2 application method: Adds the ultraviolet ray absorbent when the polymer, should note the appropriate readjustment the best dosage. Because the brightening agent joins the quantity to be quite few, should disperse the brightening agent thoroughly, enables the brightening agent to disperse evenly in the entire polymer.  Use dosage: (each time in the 100kg polymer joins reference value) the transparent 0.0025-0.005% (25-5g) not transparent 0.01-0.03% (10-30g) general dosage for does not surpass 0.03% (30g). Safety and control: This may according to the common chemical control, when the use should wear the glove and the snow glasses, avoids directly with the skin or the eye contact, if stains the skin, flushes cleanly with the clear water then.

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