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Fluorescent pigment

Supply fluorescence yellow 8G, fluorescence yellow 8GF, fluorescence yellow 3G

1) plant production solvent dye (hard sizing material special-purpose)
Transparent red HRR/BR/B/GS/EG/FB, fluorescence red 5B/BK/HFG/GK/E2G, fluorescence yellow 8G/8GF/3G, transparent yellow R/3G/2G/HLR/3GL lemon yellow TS, lemon yellow 136,3G/3G (high-quality goods) /GG/EP orange, purple B/RR/FBL/3R, reddish purple R, fluorescence purplish red H5B, blue 2N/AP/GP/2B/RR/3R, green 5B, green G, oiling black OB

2) factory direct sale domestic product organic pigment (soft sizing material special-purpose)
Golden light C is red, red 6B, sun-proof scarlet BBN/BBC/BBS/BBM, high temperature red 4BP,2030 red (domestic product), high temperature red 2BP, sunproof Huang GYONG yellow 2GS/G/GR/GG, pigment yellow HG/3RLP, forever will be firmly solid orange orange G, alizarol saphirol A3R, forever firmly purple RL blue/red

3) sells on commission the original installation import pigment product:
Branch Ryan the Clariant pigment (the H4GL01 orange, the PinkE/E01 rhodo-, HB is red, H3R/HG/HGR/HR/HR02 yellow, GNX is green, BG is blue, RL purple, hoodwinks the day wax OP wax, the S wax, the E wax and so on)
Basifu BASF pigment (K0961HD/K2270 yellow, K3580,7090 is blue, K8730 is green, K2001/2001FG titan yellow and so on)
The ciba limited Ciba pigment (2030/RN/2BSP/2BP/4BP/2020 is red, GR/3RLP yellow, GBP/4GNP is blue, 2G/GP/F2G orange, OB brightening agent and so on)
Baier bright abundant MACROLEX solvent dye (oxidized iron oxide red 4130/130, coffee red 660, red EG, red G, yellow G, yellow 3G, orange 3G, blue RR and so on)
Japanese Sumitomo high temperature solvent dye (high temperature purplish red HBL, transparent red H3G, fluorescence purplish red HFG and so on)
The Japanese DIC pigment (firmly yellow 5GF, golden light red C.CONC, magenta 6B236S, tai blue 5380E, forever will be forever solid orange 205, PL-RVS purple blue/red equal)
Great date purification pigment (2200/2300/2500/2600 yellow, 4920 blue, 900 oranges and so on)
Taiwan excrement (204/206/209/104/103/109 yellow, F303/303R orange, 309 red, 403H is red, 503 rose pink color and so on)
Other series (OB-1/KCB/KSN/OB/127/KS-N/US according to this graceful OB1 brightening agent, domestically produced group blue 5008/5006, good advantage results in group blue RS-06/08, money/night light/fluorescence/bead burnishing powder and so on)

4) sells on commission helps the agent product:
The beautiful ritual unites the RCL-69/TC-30/FC-5 titanium oxide powder, the Japanese peony EB-FF proliferation powder, the Malaysian EBS-SF proliferation powder, 6A expands the medicinal powder, the card Baud 660 black powder, the 1000# black powder, the antioxidant 168/1010, UV531 /UV770 anti-ultraviolet ray agent, the 129V antistatic agent, the card Baud 2014 black kinds, the domestically produced 2014/3040 black kind, makes the powder computer, the toner cup, Pan passes the color chip and so on

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