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GRAVI-TECH™ density improvement formula

Gravi-Tech™ the metal polymer compound materials are one kind of unique high density material, may replace the lead and other traditional metal, is one kind of new thermoplastic substitute. These material use selection metal stopping and the project thermoplastic resin configuration become, the density same tradition metal is the same, simultaneously has the traditional thermoplastic design compatibility and craft succinct.

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  •  Has custom-made the density, the proportion scope is big (1.5-11gm/cm3)
  •  The module scope is big, from elastic level to rigid level
  •  The corrosion resistivity, may withstand the oxidation which the long-term use causes
  •  Bears the chemical properties, may withstand the fuel, the oil class and other irritant chemical substance

 Other identities:

  •  The design compatibility strong and the craft is simple
  •  The shock strength is big
  •  Thermal deformation temperature enhancement

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