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Regardless of uses in what kind of terminal application, US collects high profoundly understood that satisfies your color and chemistry requirement color system's importance. GSDI™ Silcopas™ the room temperature curing (RTV) the color is helpful in you overcomes with the mold processing, the components manufacture, the aquaseal or the weathering resistance and the opacity very essential outdoor application related difficult problem.

 Luminescent spot


  •  Has many kinds of standard colors to be possible to supply the selection.
  •  If must have custom-made the color, the GSDI technology team may defer to Pan to pass any other colored data which the color chip and the RAL color chip, the components or provide to the color to carry on the design.
  •  Is advantageous for the use
  •  May is compatible with the single component and the double component system.

 Please note US to collect high GSDI not to provide pre-coloring the RTV aquaseal.


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