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General and black parent material

When you need the cost efficiency, the reliable service and the expert technical support, US collects the high energy to create you the color which seeks. The general black parent material uses the carrier resin which easy to mix, satisfies in your application to the carbon black blackness, the color intensity, the ultraviolet absorption and the conductive requirement, simultaneously implements the cost to be lowest as far as possible. According to yours requirement and the product application, we will help you to search the correct solution from many kinds of product types.


 Product type




 Is suitable in the main actuation factor is the color and the cost coloring application.


 The product application includes:
 •    Polypropylene complex
 •    Thick wall extrusion
 •    Injection molding part


 Is suitable to the color uniformity, the good dispersion and latter adds has the requirement natural coloring coloration application.


 The product application includes:
 •    Injection molding part
 •    Sheet material
 •    General complex
 •    Industry thin film


 Is suitable in the dispersion, chemistry or the physical property very important application.


 The product application includes:
 •    Pressure tube
 •    Automobile TPO
 •    Thin film
 •    FDA
 •    Earthwork membrane
 •    Midheaven formation

 Resin Effectiveness General target Outstanding extrusion High tone Ultraviolet ray High color FDA
 EV350 EV440 EV635 EV830 EVF25
 PE-UT PE140AB20
 LD350 LD440AB10
 LD830 LDF35
 HDPE-UT HD150  
 PP-UT PO140  
 PP240 PP350 PP435 PP640  
 PS435 PS625 PS825 PSF25
 SN435 SN625 SN825
 AB625 AB825  

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