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The HC elastic ethenyl for the healthcare market design, is the numerous medical application ideal elastomer material selection specially, like drive pipe, coupling and face guard. Including transparent or the body color two kind of models, degree of hardness test scope is 55A/15 to 40D/15. This material has the oxirane antiseptic performance, may use in the American patent silica gel elastomer and the third level of stable degree of hardness.


 Luminescent spot


 The HC elastic ethenyl application includes:

  •  Medical drive pipe
  •  Coupling
  •  Pipette
  •  Packing
  •  Blood bag
  •  Instillator
  •  Jar
  •  Face guard
  •  Intravenous bag
  •  Device outer covering

 HC non-toxic environmental protection ethenyl formula
 Specially for requirement non-toxic environmental protection elasticizer system's medical application design:

  •  The sclerometer scope is big (55A/15 to 40D/15)
  •  The blood melts the rank
  •  May have custom-made the formula
   Chemistry    Supervision          Disinfection
 Product line Biological derivation Does not contain the phthalic acid ester USP six levels 10993-5 cell toxicity FDA RoHs CPSIA Method
 HC1xxxx series  
 x x x x  
 Electron beam
 HC2xxxx series x x x x x x x Gamma/ETO
 HC3xxxx series  
 x x x x x x Gamma/ETO
 HC4xxxx series  
 x x x  
 x x Gamma/ETO
 HC5xxxx series x x x  
 x x Gamma/ETO

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