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HTX™ alloy

HTX™ high fever rigid plastic alloy, in the numerous compression moldings and squeeze out in the application to unfold the engineering level performance. The HTX alloy extends the rigid ethenyl material performance superiority to the higher temperature range, causes it to become the plastic products, like is flame-resistant ABS, the improvement polyphenylene oxide, the polycarbonate and the PC/ABS mixture valid substitute.


 Luminescent spot

  •  The thermal deformation temperature is higher than the standard rigid ethenyl formula
  •  The hypothermia influential energy level is good, may carry on the graduation
  •  Holds the ethenyl flame retardance, bears the chemical properties and against ultraviolet ray's essential attribute
  •  Provides the injection pattern making and different rank extrusion
 Product range Processing method Outward appearance performance HDT (F°) Important attribute
 HTX M6215 Injection molding Otherwise 172 Conforms to IEC
 HTX M6307 Injection molding Yes 165 Bears the hypothermia impact
 HTX 66311 Injection molding Otherwise 169 The high current capacity, bears the hypothermia impact
 HTX M6230 Injection molding Otherwise 180 The high current capacity, bears the moderate impact
 HTX Ultra LA426 Extrusion Yes 196 Bears the high impact

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