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Has custom-made pre-color specialized design formula

Regardless of you are searching the fast color match or the brand-new palette, US collects Gao Jiang to cooperate with you matches your special color and the physical property requirement promptly reduces from the concept to the production time, differentiates your product and expands your agent. These had custom-made the solution to satisfy the different profession performance and the esthetic requirement in the wide range. In addition, we can use our unequalled basis resin breadth and the chemical additive satisfy the performance goal and establish the color to be esthetic.

 Luminescent spot


  •  Real-time color match - by hour, but the non-week calculates
  •  Uses in the test portion small batch ability (the smallest 25 pounds)
  •  The sole procurement scheme reduces the difficulty and the procurement cost
  •  For massive basis resin color ability
  •  FR, UV, MR, anti-microorganism chemical additive
  •  Weathering resistance packing
  •  Special color effect
  •  Does not contain double phenol A, pure & compound

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