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Injection molding

These general formulas may satisfy the client through the reliable value and the performance the specification requirement. The injection pattern making rigid ethenyl may satisfy you to the indoor compound, the transparent compound and outdoor compound all requirements. These formulas may use in the instrument, the architecture and the structure, the electricity and the electronic profession.


 Luminescent spot


 The injection pattern making rigid ethenyl formula is suitable for:

  •  Needs the ultraviolet ray stability and the anti-shocking indoor application. These formulas use in having in usually the fire protection requirement application, like instrument part, electricity and electronics industry.
  •  To the fire resistance, the anti-chemical properties and anti-shocking have the requirement transparent application. These formulas definitely may, in the battery jar, the soap, the paper drum and the refrigerator maintain freshness applications and so on preserve in standard disk to replace the expensive glass, the polycarbonate or the acrylic fiber.
  •  The outdoor application, requires to have under the ultraviolet ray stability and the extreme climate durability, and cannot fades because of the long-term use or harms anti-shocking. Compare with the lumber or the metal, safeguard the requirement to be lower.
     Product range Outward appearance performance UL94 Current capacity It is not transparent
     M3500 Otherwise Yes Medium It is not transparent
     M3800 Otherwise Yes High It is not transparent
     M3900 Otherwise Yes High It is not transparent
     M5015 Yes Otherwise Medium It is not transparent
     M5240 Yes Yes Medium It is not transparent
     M5700 Yes Yes High It is not transparent
     M4300 Otherwise Yes Medium Transparent
     M4820 Otherwise Yes High Transparent

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