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MAXXAM™ being flame-resistant polyolefine formula

US collects the high Maxxam™ FR being flame-resistant polyolefine compound to satisfy the profession organization in the project, including underwriter laboratory ® strict stipulation flammable performance requirement. May provide conforms to UL 94 V-2, V-0 and the 5VA performance rating standard compound, in which Maxxam in the FR combination many compound can enhance the relative temperature index (RTI) the rank. The specific rank may use in processing the injection molding, the extrusion and the blow molding application. Maxxam the FR formula has become one profession standard, its performance underwent near 20 year proofs. Through unceasingly with the client, the essential raw material supplier and the profession organization carried on the cooperation, US collects high already was in the being flame-resistant technology the most front, satisfies market demand which changed unceasingly.

 Luminescent spot


  •  UL 94 V-2, V-0, 5VA rank
  •  Enhances UL the RTI rank
  •  Injection molding, extrusion and blow molding rank
  •  Halogenate and non-halogenate product
  •  Has custom-made the color
  •  The standard and has custom-made the formula
  •  The non-halogen being flame-resistant rank, uses the UL yellow card rating
  •  Consumable, electricity and electron as well as line cable and so on each profession electing of ideal.

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