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MAXXAM™ polyolefine formula

If the traditional rank's polypropylene and the polyethylene do not satisfy your application requirement, but you did not hope the operating altitude project or has custom-made material, then Maxxam™ the product just meets your demand. The Maxxam series polypropylene and the polyethylene base product provided the complete set to have both the cost benefit and the high performance choice of material. The standard rank mix has the calcium carbonate, the glass and the talcum powder, may implement the ideal performance balance, including rigidity, durability, impact resistance and thermal stability.

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 Essential characteristic:

  •  Polypropylene (homopolymer and copolymer) and polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE) and so on foundation resins
  •  Glass and mineral (including calcium carbonate and talcum powder) and so on padding
  •  Chemical additive and modifier, including the UV stabilizer, oxidation inhibiter, lubricant, anti-impact intensifier and pair mixture and so on

 Other superiority:

  •  In the rigidity, the durability and the anti-shocking aspect has the good overall performance
  •  May compound use in taking shape, the extrusion or the blow molding craft
  •  Is more economical than many engineerig material
  •  Has each kind to have custom-made the color
  •  Ultraviolet stability
  •  Is suitable in the transportation, the industry, the consumable, electrical and electronic as well as the architecture and the construction profession

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