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NEU™ VIEW translucent radiation impermeability solution

NEU the special engineerig material company's NEUTMView translucent beam impermeability solution has solved the drive pipe squeezes out when the X-ray not transparent and the visible question. NEU View is one item is applying for the patent the technology, has the translucency and the fluorescence perspectivity. With the aid of this performance combination, clinician can recognize that the liquid the current capacity as well as possible to initiate embolism's harmful air bubble. NEU View the translucent beam impermeability plan has provided the superiority for the device manufacturer, reduced has altogether pushed to the standard material with the consolidating demand. All ranks passed through ISO 10993 and the USP VI examination.


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 NEU the View translucent beam impermeability plan has the following characteristic:

  •  Optics transparency - through the naked eye may determine that the liquid flow or the blood backflow and distinguish the dangerous the air bubble
  •  The radiation impermeability - under the medicine imaging system's instruction, carries on in vivo localization accurately
  •  The single material - does not need altogether to push
  •  Can satisfy drive pipe's function requirement  
    •  May color
    •  Optimized anti-has pulled the performance, might implement axial and the torsional rigidity
    •  Is compatible with the polymer union method, is advantageous for the assembly
    •  Bears the chemical properties
    •  To ETO, the electron beam and the gamma disinfection have the resistance
    •  Biological compatibility - through ISO 10993- and 5 and USP VI certification

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