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NEUSOFT™ thermosplastic polyurethane

The NEU special engineerig material company NEUSoft™ the series including the ultra soft polyester or the polyester base TPU mixture, has the good elasticity, the resistance to wear and bears tearing. The NEUSoft ideal application including the catheter, leads the tip as well as each kind of matrix two formations. Besides certain standard's NEUSoft rank, NEU can also with yours engineering design team cooperation, have custom-made the especially qualify in your performance demand product.


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 The NEUSoft product is the drive pipe and the two formation application electing of ideal. These products have the following characteristic:

  •  Good fusing intensity workability
  •  Bear the chemical properties to the fat and the oil
  •  To the polyolefine, ABS, the polycarbonate, Pebax® the polymer and the nylon have the good two working capacity
  •  Ultraviolet stability and good moisture and oxygen impediment
  •  USP V1 and FDA have not designated rank
  •  May color
 Product Degree of hardness Break place tensile strength Elongation ratio Anti-tearing
 Testing method ASTM ISO Shore A/D ASTM PSI ASTM/ISO % ASTM pli
 UR842A 42 990 501 120
 UR852A 52 1367 575 164
 UR862A 62 1849 626 234
 UR873A 73 2509 542 319

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