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ONCAP™ CTR craft optimization

Whether to intend to use the existing computer to produce more components quickly? OnCap™ the CTR chemical additive concentrate can save the cycle time, achieves the ideal effect. Uses OnCap in the packing quantity low craft the CTR plan to have many superiority: More advanced components designed capacity, the enhancement production efficiency and the quality, the reduced waste product as well as enhance the energy efficiency. Let on a your factory production efficiency again stair. Joins your formula OnCap CTR, lets your productivity soaring. Contacts with us, lets us found appropriate OnCap for yours craft and the application the CTR formula.


 Luminescent spot




 While selects OnCap the CTR reduction production cycle, you also selected enhanced the product the competitive power. You while enter into the new market, the expansion product line, enhance the brand image, the enhancement production efficiency and ability, has promoted conditions sustainable.


 Product enhancement



  •  Through the reduced components contraction quantity, enhances the size stability.
  •  Through the improvement release agent, improves the surface condition well.
  •  Through strengthens to the resin craft temperature check expansion working range

 Brand enhancement



  •  Improvement fabricated parts outward appearance
  •  Reduces because of the material degradability which heats up produces
  •  Enhances the production efficiency
  •  Enhances the thermal conductivity, reduces the plasticizing and the cooling time
  •  Has the better lubrication characteristic, can enhance the jet velocity, the drawing of patterns level as well as extruder's output level
  •  Does not have two operations, after enhancing, takes shape the operational level




  •  Reduces the processing temperature
  •  Enhances the machine efficiency



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