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ONCAP™ PLASTONE™ processing enhancement chemical additive

Promotes the production line produces can new sharp weapon. In the injection molding and the extrusion craft, OnCap™ PlastOne™ the concentrated solution may reduce the cycle time, cut the condemnation factor and enhances the components the esthetic sense. Even if the technological conditions have not changed, can also implement saves significantly. Yes, in fact needs one kind of concentrated solution to be possible only. After understanding how we do help you optimize the craft, you will obtain a bigger superiority.


 Luminescent spot




 Reduction cycle time


 The research indicated that needs the PlastOne concentrated solution to join only in your resin to be able to reduce high 5%-17% cycle time, even if in operation situation invariable situation. When the concentrated solution calibrates uses in the process unit, can the earth reduction cycle time. With the aid of the PlastOne concentrated solution's positive effect, then implements these changes. The possible changing situation example to include:

  •  Reduces the mold to make up shrinks the time and guarantees presses the time
  •  Reduces the injection pressure and the back pressure                                                                                                            
  •  Cuts the condemnation factor

 Enhances the size stability


 The PlastOne concentrated solution may also enhance the size stability, reduces the expensive abandonment, enhances the final product the durability. The size stability improvement demonstration includes:

  •  The reduced thin wall covers “the toe-in”
  •  Enhances the big components according to the explicit standard the size
  •  Reduces the young and the old wall components the warp

 Enhances the components the esthetic sense


 The PlastOne concentrated solution can also help you by other modes to implement the result, like improvement outward appearance and final product feeling and so on. For example, joins the PlastOne concentrated solution after the formula, can improve the color outward appearance, lets the product look like is brighter. PlastOne is also helpful in eliminates the ugly streamline.


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