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ONCAP™ POLYFOAM™ foaming agent

Whether you did hope achieves the reduction goal? Must through reduce the constructional detail the density to achieve this goal? Our PolyFoam foaming agent and the foaming agent not can only drop to the density the lowest level, but can also enhance the size stability, the enhancement processing level, the improvement outward appearance and implements the insulation. In the electric wire and the electric cable application, PolyFoam helps the agent to be possible to reduce the density, simultaneously enhances the heat insulation, sound-insulated and the dielectric properties.


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 The PolyFoam concentrated solution may take the standard product use, may also act according to you specifically the final use, the resin, the fabrication technology and the processing temperature carries on has custom-made. The PolyFoam foaming agent and the foaming agent may use in the majority polymer crafts, including:

  •  Has custom-made the injection molding
  •  Blow molding
  •  The tubing squeezes out
  •  The thin film and the plate squeeze out
  •  The line cable pushes models

 In injection molding, extrusion or hot formation and lamination and so on two formation operation period will present the inflation.


 These concentrates assume granulated, may through the heat absorption or the exothermic chemical action activation. Many concentrate mixes have the special-purpose carrier, because used US to collect the high advanced process technology, the PolyFoam concentrate might preserve 100% active levels, until triggered under the specific processing temperature.


 These formation concentrate is encompasses the SVHC chemical concentrated solution the ecology friendly substitution product, converges Pu to set up ten thousand sustainable solutions.



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 OnCap™ PolyFoam foaming agent Has custom-made or the standard foaming agent, uses in reducing the density, improvement workability as well as the improvement surface outward appearance. Selects from heat absorption or in the exothermic chemical Can preserve 100% active levels, until by specific processing temperature triggering.

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