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ONCAP™ against rodent and termite technology

These do not have the dangerous, non-toxic and the environmental safety parent material can safeguard your line cable either other products are exempt from the rodent or the termite attack. Uses the active material does not absorb moisture, will not have the migration in the polymer, and in usual situation anti-leaching. US collects high can also develop integrates other performance the formula, the enhancement processing or the mechanical property. OnCap™ against rodent and termite technology in North America not available.


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 The OnCap against rodent and the termite technology converges US to collect the high sustainable plan. Many countries are getting higher and higher to this kind of non-toxic plan's demand, simultaneously interdicts or is using for to substitute Lindane, to plan chemical additives and other materials gradually and so on pyrethrum ester, copper naphthenate.


 Besides has the ideal dispersivity, these chemical additives in extrusion application processing safety, and is advantageous for the use. As the metal armoring, the glass staple fiber yarn either PA12 and so on (use in safeguarding electric cable to be exempt from harmful animal or harmful insect damage the special engineering polymers one kind of substitute, the OnCap termite-proof chemical additive concentrate and the OnCap against rodent chemical additive concentrate are usually) substitute other methods one kind of cost valid product.


 These plans use in the cable sheath bond or the protection corrugated pipe, has avoided the rodent, the birds or the harmful insect and so on violation. Using had the laboratory test which attack's rodent and the termite carried on already to prove these concentrates were quite valid in the safeguarding final product aspect.


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