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ONCAP™ anti-static electricity chemical additive

In daily life's static electricity annoys the human to become fed up. But in the product manufacturing process, the static electricity creates the heavy damage possibly. When polymer material through cutting induction production equipment, the positive and negative electrostatic charge will agglomerate on the surface. The static electricity agglomeration will cause the spare part, the thin film or the plate afterward which will produce sticks mutually, either will stick on the mold or the tool. After the production had ended, these electrostatic charges also keep on the spare part. This will create the spare part to attract and to collect the reverse electric charge the dust - - for instance on the automobile gauge board - - or the electric charge which will create to the electrical equipment surface does not need. OnCap™ the anti-static electricity chemical additive can check on the thermoplastic spare part the electrostatic charge agglomeration, scatters the electrostatic charge through the absorption and in the ionization air's moisture content, forms the conductive path for the superficial electrostatic charge. You are waging the struggle with the static electricity? Contacts with us the expert, understood in detail how we can help you to use the anti-static electricity chemical additive.


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  •  The reduction cycle, through quickly the release and the separation spare part, the maximized productive forces, reduces the operation cost
  •  In application domains and so on electronic installation, packing, military and medical service produce securely not the electrostatic disturbance spare part.
  •  The reduced electrostatic charge causes the dust settle, enhances the product outward appearance attraction
  •  May with other chemical additives or the coloring agent union, forms the sole Smartbatch™ concentrated solution
  •  The compatible many kinds of crafts, including the blow molding, the injection molding, push model with the thin film processing
  •  May provide the FDA authorization the formula

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