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ONCAP™ biological chemical additive

If you intend in the product mix to use the biological base plastic, but whether to guarantee that the high standard the product quality also has the worry, might as well tries our solution. OnCap™ the biology helps the agent to be able to help you to deliver sustainable the product, will not affect the product the performance or the technology capability. These help the agent to be for the purpose of strengthening the biological plastic performance, so that you can release the high-end unceasingly to the market the product.


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 The biological plastic has many outstanding performance, but sometimes needs to enhance its machinery or other performance. The OneCap biology chemical additive concentrate is for the purpose of helping you to enhance uses the biological plastic the performance. These concentrates can enhance each living thing base resin the performance, including, but is not restricted in
 •   PLA
 •   PBAT
 •   PBS
 •  PHA.


 Our OnCap biology chemical additive concentrate is helpful in you enhances the biological plastic from many aspects the performance, including:
 •   Anti-hardens the performance
 •   Anti-slides
 •  Impact modification
 •   Anti-static electricity•   Ultraviolet protection  
 •   Blue color tone  


 These chemical additive concentrate not only suits in yours fabrication technology, but also conforms to the related profession and the compound standard, moreover may with OnColor™ the biological color concentrate union use, enhance the single parent material the performance and the color effects. Wants to understand that these new materials more informations, please relate US to collect high.


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