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ONCAP™ chemistry foaming agent

Whether to hope reduces the product weight, the reduction cycle and holds the outstanding surface smooth finish? OnCap™ chemistry foaming agent this kind of chemical additive concentrate can help you to achieve these goals. These multiple solution in each kind of polymer, the craft and the application underwent the experiment and the proof. How concerns these specially to help the agent to enhance your company's production efficiency, please contact with us.


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 Whether you are searching enhance the plastic processing operating efficiency the effective prescription? Following for selection OnCap™ chemistry foaming agent enhancement fabrication technology four point primary cause:

  •  Reduced material amount of use: The client is highest may reduce the material consumption 50%, but does not affect the end product integrity.
  •  The safety reduces the end product weight: Reduces the end product weight to be possible to simplify your factory the physical distribution, is helpful in your reduction of cost, achieves the sustainable goal, simultaneously reduces the fuel which ships out and transports needs.
  •  Enhances the product potency: These special help the agent to be possible to raise the coring level, reduces the cooling time, thus the reduction cycle time, enhances produces computer's use efficiency.
  •  Helps your client expanded production: Many profession's companies must reduce the weight, and enhances the fuel the efficiency. Conforms to the new standard through the help client, enables your company to become implements its reduction goal important link.

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