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ONCAP™ separation telescope chemical additive

In food packing packing operation, when the separation piles up one on top of another the vessel, the nesting vessel will mount in the same place will cause the expensive manufacture interrupt, like will sort the goods wrong, produces the waste material and the device engine off. When manufacture and packing how can with ease separate food tray and the vessel, but does not affect the packing quality? OnCap™ the separation telescope chemical additive falls the low heat formation vessel surface the friction coefficient, causes it easily to separate. And other separate the telescope chemical additive with the silica gel to be different, OnCap separates the telescope chemical additive not to need in the fabrication technology to join the extra process, holds the plate transparency, and allows to the packing to carry on the metallization and the printing.


 Luminescent spot




 Below the OnCap separation telescope chemical additive solution can let you obtain the hot formation packing formula:

  •  The low friction coefficient, enables the vessel with ease the initial station separation which or piles up one on top of another from the coating
  •  In the reduced packing operation should the vessel adhesion cause waste material and production down time
  •  Meets the FDA packing requirement
  •  Preserves the PET packing the transparency
  •  Permission packing metallization and printing

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