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ONCAP™ the UV stabilizer helps the agent

The plastic and the ultraviolet ray will not mix usually in together. If the white plastic does not perform to safeguard, will change yellow possibly, and the colored plastic will fade possibly, will cause the product no longer to have the attraction along with the time change. In the long-term use process, OnCap™ ultraviolet helps the agent to be able stably to improve the product the outward appearance and the performance, because safeguards the plastic to be exempt from the sun (is even the ultraviolet radiation damage which fluorescence illumination) produces. The ultraviolet ray will not only accelerate the etiolution and the discoloration, will also degrade the physical property, will cause the plastic embrittlement. Ultraviolet helps the agent to be helpful stably in prevents the deterioration, lets your product holds the good outward appearance for a long time.


 Luminescent spot


 OnCap anti-ultraviolet helps the agent globally to be possible to use in each kind of thermoplastic. These help the agent to assume the concentration pellet, beaded or the liquid state, may use in one kind of Smartbatch™ concentrated solution with the coloring agent union, enhances the flexibility and the efficiency.


 These unique helps the agent has by the proof in many crafts the outstanding effect, including uses in the multiply wood cover level the extrusion. In these applications, after undergoing the massive weathering resistance test, uses OnCap the UV plan the plate similar anti-ultraviolet to help the agent to be able well to hold the color and the outward appearance, avoids the surface forming the crack, simultaneously holds the impact resistance. In addition, we anti-ultraviolet help the agent volatility to be low, can reduce the mold stack quantity, thus the reduction down time, reduces the mold clean and enhances the production efficiency. Helps the agent the low volatility and the good thermostability is also helpful to altogether pushes the plate cover level holds the stable consistent thickness.


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