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ONCAP™ the laser makes the sign to help the agent

OnCap™ the laser makes the sign technology to be able to let the manufacturer check the laser to make the sign polymer well, enhances the speed and adds the transparency. This innovation technology may aim at the specific resin and the laser type carries on has custom-made, even may enhance device's productivity. The farewell not nimble makes the sign system and the solvent - - OnCap laser makes the sign technology to be possible to carry on explicitly fast makes the sign.


 Luminescent spot




 The laser makes the sign function to be rich, may suit your production equipment perfectly, OnCap™ the laser makes the sign chemical additive to be possible to match many kinds of polymers and the craft, including injection molding, blow molding and extrusion.


 We may use our interior to make the sign system to help you to confirm the OnCap color parent material in the product development process, we may also make the sign device manufacturer with the laser to cooperate closely, guarantee the chemical additive and the newest device compatible.


 For example, uses OnCap, the electric wire and the electric cable manufacturer may use newest high production line's each kind of superiority fully, even if may also hold the fine marking effect under 400 meters/minute speeds.


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