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ONCOLOR™ EDGEGLO™ coloring agent

OnColor™ Edgeglo™ Bright the Edge transparent coloring agent for the formula manufacture's fluorescence concentrated solution, can let the edge, emboss with the components on the relief is brighter than the plane. These coloring agent process has custom-made the formula modulation, has used the foundation resin transparency and the light-admitting quality.


 Luminescent spot




 Because is the fluorescence, therefore OnColor the Edgeglo coloring agent can absorb the ultraviolet energy, then emanates this energy once more through electromagnetic spectrum's visible light area. The transparent resin's refraction characteristic unifies with this fluorescence identity, thus has the edge illumination the effect.


 Has custom-made OnColor the Edgeglo coloring agent to be possible to configure to have each kind of fluorescence color, including yellow, lime green, red, orange, blue color and purple. The decadent antidazzling device's effect is usually strongest.


 OnColor the Edgeglo coloring agent takes one kind of pill shape concentrate, uses with matches the paint resin compatible carrier to carry on the configuration. This kind of coloring agent may use in the transparent resin, like acrylicresin, GPPS, PC, PET, PETG and SAN and so on. The acrylicresin and GPPS have the strongest effect. In transparent polypropylene, also will have the micro illumination edge effect.


 OnColor the Edgeglo coloring agent may use in the thermosplastic application good. Usually uses in the injection molding and the extrusion application.


 The typical application includes:

  •  Toy
  •  Personal electronic products
  •  Candy and food packing paper
  •  Packing consumable
  •  Aquarium device

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