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ONCOLOR™ HC PLUS medical service coloring agent

US collects has high for the medical industry design comprehensive coloring agent and the chemical additive series, can support OEMs, the Canadian industry and commerce as well as two Canadian industry and commerce. Through understood diligently your unique demand, we can provide the resource to help you to satisfy your client and the application requirement validly. We from the liquid pigment to the pearl oyster, the metallic color and the fluorescence special effect's comprehensive dyeing solution can strengthen your brand. Has bears the Gamma ray, the USP rank VI as well as the ISO 10993 rank products may elect.


 Luminescent spot




 We developed specially have satisfied or surpass the USP rank VI and the ISO 10993 requirement materials.


 Program and the non-accident guaranteed through ours FDA the cGMP℠ carries on the risk management. We have custom-made the color development turn round time to be possible to accelerate your product to push to the market the speed, it has set this profession standard, and can help you to design the product validly. Our global supervision and the product management expert will require on the supervision to carry on the bootstrap support.


 Supports your intelligence demand


 US collects understands your unique challenge high. Our support and the service plan can help you to satisfy the related supervision and the performance requirement, including:

  •  Does not contain the heavy metal, the phthalate and BPA medical level raw material
  •  The medical service using the screening craft and the formula verification, helps the client to satisfy finally the operation requirements
  •  World-class FDA the cGMP production facilities, the opening satisfies your audit requirement
  •  Modernized raid of backward system and formula locking
  •  (DMFs) or the medical instrument file (MDFs) carries on safeguarding according to the requirement to the FDA drugs main file
  •  The globalized expert - - has health nursing to apply expert's global dye laboratory and the design core

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