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ONCOLOR™ NITEBRITE™ night light coloring agent

OnColor™ NiteBrite™ the phosphorescent glow sex-linked colors parent material provided in the sustainable 10 hour darkness to shine the effect. When illumination the long part is decided by the geometry structure, thickness and the active constituent loading.


 Luminescent spot
 OnColor the NiteBrite coloring agent has three kind of illumination colors: Yellow, greenishness, violet. Although under the sunlight OnColor the NiteBrite dye is natural faint yellow, but its may match the different gentle tone and maintain effect OnColor which shines in darkness the NiteBrite coloring agent has Cheng Qiu the color parent material or the dry color toner form may elect, may act according to the specific resin system to carry on the configuration.




 Components thickness and needs the effect to be different, must reduces compares also differs from. Matches OnColor the NiteBrite coloring agent may be compatable with your specific injection molding rank resin system.


 Because of the coloring agent cutting sensitivity, needs to make some compression molding craft adjustment possibly, like reduces back pressure, the reduction cycle period, the adjustment temperature curve, achieves the optimized effect.


 The typical application includes:

  •  Safety label
  •  Toy
  •  Movement thing
  •  Transportation

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